Naturopaths near Detroit, MI

Photo of M. Samm Pryce, Naturopath in Detroit, MI
M. Samm Pryce
Naturopath, ND, MIFI
As a board certified & licensed Naturopathic Doctor (licensure held in CT because MI has not approved licensure of ND's yet) I am a world class expert in natural medicine. I am considered a general practitioner which means I can see children & adults & I will treat anything from the common cold to cancer. The goal of our relationship together is to TEACH you how to maintain the health of YOU and your family, treat your illnesses when necessary and use me as a reference when you need more guidance.
(734) 363-8990
Office is near:
Royal Oak, MI 48073
Photo of Stephanie Preston, Naturopath in Detroit, MI
Stephanie Preston
Naturopath, ND
I believe health comes from being able to identify what the obstacles are to your healing. Whether these are internal imbalances, external toxins or a combination of both, identifying the root is the key to taking your health back. My areas of work include women's hormones and children’s health. In addition to my Naturopathic studies I have a masters in acupuncture. I intertwine these two modalities to give the most comprehensive care to bring the body and mind back to balance. We work as a team to uncover your specific needs as we move towards reaching your health goals.
(313) 251-0658
Dearborn, MI 48124
Photo of Michelle Hoppe, Naturopath in Detroit, MI
Michelle Hoppe
Naturopath, ND
Hi, I'm Dr. Michelle! I really enjoy working alongside my patients to help guide them on their path to better health. My focus is always to look for the root cause that is underlying symptoms and then develop a health plan to address our findings. I work with a variety of conditions including gut/digestive imbalance, food sensitivities, hormone imbalance, fatigue, autoimmune issues, detoxification and healthy weight management among others. Health plans always incorporate the naturopathic philosophy of working with the body's innate healing powers to promote health in the gentlest means possible.
(810) 844-1957
Office is near:
Waterford, MI 48327
Photo of Brandi L Farkas, Naturopath in Detroit, MI
Brandi L Farkas
Naturopath, NHP, RN
For over 20 years I have helped my clients address the root cause of their health concerns naturally. There is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to your health. I don't believe in guessing what is wrong with you just by your symptoms. I use science, testing, and the latest technology to determine exactly what is going on with you from a cellular level. Once I know exactly what is out of balance I am able to guide you naturally on diet and lifestyle changes. I can help you sort out what medical food and quality supplements you need to address the root cause of your health concerns so you can heal from the inside out.
(248) 796-0417
Troy, MI 48098

How to tell if Naturopathy is right for me?
A Detroit naturopath is a practitioner of naturopathy, a form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the body has an innate capacity to heal itself. Detroit Naturopaths improve health by treating the person holistically, tapping a person's own internal body, mind, and spirit resources. Naturopathy comprises a blend of different therapies, all attempting to restore the body to health in the most natural, noninvasive way possible by stimulating the body's own healing powers.

About Detroit Naturopaths?
Graduates from accredited naturopathic medical schools may use the academic title 'Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine' or 'ND' but there is no standardized professional title in all states (see below). Accredited Naturopathic Doctors in Detroit generally practice as primary care providers of naturopathic medicine preferring to use a holistic approach with natural remedies such as medicinal herbs and foods rather than conventional drugs.

Insurance and licensing for Naturopaths in Detroit?
Jurisdictions that regulate the practice of naturopathic medicine and where professionals may acccept insurance include Arizona, New Hampshire (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine); Oregon, Utah, Washington (Naturopathic Physician); Minnesota (Naturopathic Doctor); Alaska, California (including Traditional Naturopaths), Colorado, Kansas, Maine (Naturopathic Doctor); Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho (excluding Traditional Naturopaths), Montana, Vermont (Naturopathic Physician); and North Dakota (Naturopath). In Canada, Manitoba (Doctor of Naturopathy); Saskatchewan , Nova Scotia, British Columbia (Naturopathic Physician); and Ontario, British Columbia (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine).