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Photo of Li Wang, Acupuncturist in 85382, AZ
Li Wang
Acupuncturist, PhD, LAc, OMD
Dr. Li Wang was educated and trained in top Chinese university of traditional Chinese medicine from Bachelor to Doctor program and got a MD degree. Dr. Wang had been working as a lecturer and associate professor in the Chinese university for 20+ years and practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine in hospital at the same time. Dr. Wang has extensive experience in teaching, researching and practicing in acupuncture and herbal medicine, published 10+ research papers and 3 books (co-author) .
(928) 267-6106
Peoria, AZ 85382
Photo of Four Seasons Acupuncture, LLC, Acupuncturist in 85382, AZ
Four Seasons Acupuncture, LLC
Acupuncturist, LAc, MSOM
My goal is to assist my patients in reaching and maintaining a balanced energetic homeostasis for the body, mind and spirit; restoring health and well-being. If you are looking for pain relief, stress relief, or simply more energy - Four Seasons Acupuncture can help you reach those goals and get you back to enjoying life. Our in-depth intake including tongue and pulse diagnosis is used to determine the underlying cause of your imbalance. This enables us to decrease the uncomfortable symptoms you are experiencing. You can schedule yourself directly from our website or we will schedule you if you prefer for us to do so.
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Peoria, AZ 85382

Chinese Acupuncture Acupuncturists
Traditional Chinese acupuncture is the form of acupuncture in which the plurality of practitioners are trained, and it remains the most widely practiced form. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is filled with lines or channels through which the energy of the body flows.

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Acupuncture in 85382 - is it right for me?
Acupuncture is based on the concepts of oriental medicine or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. 85382 acupuncturists are health care professionals who evaluate and treat the many conditions, aches and pains that respond to acupuncture.

Acupuncturists insert very fine acupuncture needles into the body. The purpose of the needles is to stimulate acupuncture points or meridians. The needles do not inject any substance into your body and are so fine as to be virtually impossible to feel. In some cases, acupuncture may be accompanied by electrical stimulation or the burning of moxa, a form of heat therapy. Or use acupressure, where physical pressure is applied by hand or elbow to trigger points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians.

'Accupuncture' and 'Accupuncturist' are common mis-spellings.