More and more of us are taking advantage of technology to exercise choice in our lives. And nowhere is this more apparent than when we make decisions about our own health. We want to know who is looking after us and what alternatives exist.

We began the Health Professionals Directory at HealthProfs.com to address this need. We want to help people navigate their way in this confusing and fragmented field—with thousands of professionals, diverse and sometimes conflicting approaches, and varying levels of training and experience. Our goal is to help you select and contact the professional you need based on clear and credible information. And to help professionals find the clients to whom they are most suited.

HealthProfs.com is run by the team here at Sussex Directories. Our background is in media. We have a longstanding and successful professional directory in the mental health field with thousands of members as well as publishing the national magazine, Psychology Today.

There are real people working here and we're always eager to help. We know that the Internet can sometimes be frustrating and impersonal and so we do everything we can to help demystify it and make it more approachable.

Please feel free to contact us.


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