Miho Hatanaka

Nutritionist/Dietitian, RDN, LD

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Miho Hatanaka, RDN, LD, Nutritionist/Dietitian in Portland
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Miho Hatanaka

Nutritionist/Dietitian, RDN, LD


Do you want to feel more comfortable in your body? I solve the frustrations of busy people who struggle to "eat right," so they feel more confident and in total control of their diet. People are talking about all sorts of diet but nothing seems to fit you or bring you the right result you want. While working with me, you will gain deeper insights on your eating habits, get to know your body more, and understand why all the diets don't work. Whether you want to lose weight, manage chronic disease, or maintain your wellbeing, I will provide you with a tool you can use for a lifetime to be healthier and happier you!

I tailor my services for each individual, because every-body is different. They go through different experiences, like and dislike different foods, and have different lifestyle habits. I take all your daily experiences into consideration like exercise, sleep, relationships, stress, and of course your diet!

Mindfulness focuses on you; bringing awareness to your body and connecting your body to your mind. We are all victims of stressed, overworked society which traps us into unhealthy habits. Mindfulness is great for self-awareness of what your body is telling you and gaining confidence in your body inside and out.

マインドフルイーティングは下記の様なシチュエーションにお困りの方にピッタリの食事法です:ストレス・感情的になると食べたくなる ・忙しいとついつい無意識に食べてたり、食べ過ぎたりする ・自分の体型が気に入らない、自信がない・ダイエットしても体重が落ちない

マインドフルネスは最近米国で人気を寄せています。日本語に直訳すると「瞑想」となりますが、アメリカでは東洋の思想に基づいたリラクゼーション方法として広まっています。 そのマインドフルネスを食事法にあてたものがマインドフルイーティングです。

この食事法は食べる物を変えたり、制限などせず無理なく体にとても優しいのでどなたでも簡単に実践できます。様々なマインドフルネスの方法を使い自分の食べ方や体に意識を持ちながら無意識になっていた食生活を変えることで自然に健康な体をつくり、体重を落とせます。 例えば食べる前に意識を集中して体の変化を感じる練習や自分がどれくらいお腹がすいているのかなど意識をしながら、リラックスして食事をすると体に優しいだけではなく体の消化機能が発達するので余計な脂肪が付きにくくなります。 脳の仕組みを利用して健康な食習慣を身につけましょう! 詳しくは米国管理栄養士、畠中までお問合せください。


  • School: Syracuse University
  • Year Graduated: 2015


  • Cost per Session: $120+
  • Accepts Insurance: Yes
Pay By: ACH Bank transfer, American Express, Cash, Check, Discover, Mastercard, Paypal, Visa
Accepted Insurance Plans
  • BlueCross and/or BlueShield
Verify your health insurance coverage when you arrange your first visit.

Additional Credentials

  • Certificate: CDR / 86041071
  • Certificate Date: 2016
  • Membership: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics / 86041071
  • Member Since: 2011
  • License No. and State: LD-D-10189410 Oregon Health Licensing
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Wellness Counseling
  • Health Coaching
  • Digestive Issues
  • Behavior Modification
  • Cancer
  • Celiac Disease
  • Cholesterol
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Crohn's
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Food Allergies
  • Food Sensitivity
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Immune Diseases
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Lifestyle
  • Overeating, Stress eating, Emotional eating
  • Skin Problems
  • Sleep
  • Stress Management

Client Focus

Alternative Languages: Japanese
  • Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)
  • Adults
  • Elders (65+)

Treatment Preferences

  • Consultant Dietitian
  • Functional Medicine Nutritionist
  • Holistic Nutritionist
  • Integrative Nutritionist
  • Mind Body Eating Coach
  • Registered Dietitian
Treatment Techniques
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Mindful Eating
  • Non-Diet Approach
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Nutrition Counseling


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Miho Hatanaka, RDN, LD, Nutritionist/Dietitian in Portland

Miho Hatanaka

Nutritionist/Dietitian, RDN, LD