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Photo of Naomi Richman, Homeopath in El Cerrito, CA
Naomi Richman
Homeopath, MFT
We all know that the mind and the body affect each other constantly. As a psychotherapist and a homeopath, I am able to treat emotional states, including depression, compulsive disorders, and anxiety, as well as related physical symptoms, such as insomnia, fatigue, and agitation. Homeopathic treatment works very well as an alternative to psychiatric medication in a large number of cases where traditional medication may be contraindicated. I have effectively treated colicky infants, children with ADD, nursing mothers, and the elderly, as well as healthy adults.
(510) 592-4946
Office is near:
San Rafael, CA 94901
Photo of Gina Inez, R.S.HOM - Classical Homeopathy, Homeopath in El Cerrito, CA
Gina Inez, R.S.HOM - Classical Homeopathy
Homeopath, RS, HOM, CCH
Homeopathy treats mind, body and spirit. Some of you may have specific complaints that range from depression to migraines or insomnia or skin symptoms. Homeopathy treats each person individually - your remedy will be matched specifically to who you are. Perhaps you are beset by immune problems, or a complicated health and family history. The homeopathic interview allows you to speak about all your concerns and about your nature - about who you are and who you would like to be. Remedies work very well for acute as well as chronic complaints. Folks of all ages respond beautifully to homeopathy.
(415) 237-2291
Kentfield, CA 94904
Photo of Harminder Singh, Homeopath in El Cerrito, CA
Harminder Singh
Homeopath, DHMS, BCIH
I have passion to heal the suffering with natural, safe and effective homeopathic treatment. You can listen to me live on radio DESI 1170 AM in bay area and beyond every Monday between 10:30 AM and 11:00 AM. It is an interactive show you can join us by calling 408-912-5565 during our radio show. You can ask questions or ask for advice on any health concerns.
(408) 457-8761
Office is near:
Fremont, CA 94536
Photo of Pearlyn Goodman-Herrick, Homeopath in El Cerrito, CA
Pearlyn Goodman-Herrick
Homeopath, ND
One of the foremost Homeopaths in the USA, Dr. Pearlyn Goodman-Herrick is a founding member of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians. She has practiced for over 30 years and has two offices in the Bay area. Dr. Goodman-Herrick interviews each client thoroughly, working with warmth, acceptance, and great curiosity. With a profound belief in treating the whole person - physically, mentally and emotionally - she views symptoms as manifestations of imbalance. Having trained in many natural modalities, she considers Classical Homeopathy to be one of the finest medical systems, West or East for treating people holistically.
(415) 579-0996
Mill Valley, CA 94941

How to tell if Homeopathy is right for me?
El Cerrito Homeopaths have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of symptoms.

Homeopaths treat patients with heavily diluted solutions.

How to find a Homeopath with specific treatment skills?
If you're looking for a specialist in El Cerrito, California, try to refine your search with our left nav bar.

You can also try contacting a Homeopathy professional to ask for a consultation or referral.

How to use my insurance?
Many Homeopathy professionals accept health insurance. Check to see if your insurance is covered. Feel free to discuss this when you contact the Homeopath.