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Mirvana Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs, Acupuncturist  in Sugar Land
“At Mirvana Acupuncture, I am committed to listening to my patients needs to help them on their journey to be healthy. I prescribe the safest and most effective treatments of Oriental Medicine for each patient.
(281) 725-6211
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
Karen A Sigel, Acupuncturist  in Sugar Land
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Acupuncturist, MAOM, LMT, LAc, ACN
“Acupuncture & herbal medicine are safe, drug-free therapies that address a wide variety of health issues including, but not limited to: * Acid Reflux, GERD & Digestive Disorders * Addictions * Allergies & Asthma * Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, etc. * Arthritis & Other Chronic Pain * Autoimmune Diseases * Cosmetic Acupuncture * Endocrine Disorders - Adrenal Fatigue, Diabetes, Hormone Imbalance, Menopause, LowT, Thyroid Disorders, etc. * Gynecological Disorders - Endometriosis, Fibroids, Infertility, PCOS, PMS, etc. * Headaches/Migraines * Intestinal Disorders IBS, Crohn's, Diarrhea, Constipation, etc. * Insomnia, Stress, etc. * Neurological Conditions - Alzheimer's/Dementia, Epilepsy, Parkinson's, Stroke, etc. * Pain Conditions - Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Joint & Muscle pain, etc. * Reproductive and Urological Health - Incontinence, Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction * Weight Management
(281) 622-4896
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
Yuhau Chang, Chiropractor  in Sugar Land
“At Healthy Life ChiroCare, we offer comprehensive treatment. Dr. Chang is a Chiropractor with a physical therapist background. Dr. Karen Tseng is a master in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This means we can address your concerns from head to toe, not just the spine. Our initial appointment for new patients is to assess, diagnose, and offer a treatment plan. Following the treatment plan with your consent, care may be given at the initial appointment. Our treatment plans integrate Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, Massage and Physiotherapy together for optimum results.
(281) 839-2541
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
United Acupuncture Health Clinic, Acupuncturist  in Sugar Land
“Being a Christian, I have the passion to help my patients to live healthier and happier. I serve my patients professionally and compassionately. My goal is to improve their quality of life by using the most effective medical methodology available. My service includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal, therapeutic massage and food therapy. You can go to to find out how my patients said about me.
(713) 338-9187
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
Rashmi Biyani, Dentist  in Sugar Land
“Our goal is to provide exceptional, comprehensive dental care to our patients in a personalized comfortable environment, educating and encouraging them toward a state of optimal oral health.
(281) 730-5700
Sugar Land, Texas 77498
Kimberly Michelle Hong, Massage Therapist  in Sugar Land
“I have been practicing massage therapy and bodywork since 1999. Massage is effective and can prevent injury as well as keeping your body/mind health throughout the year.My philosophy is that every massage should fit each client's individual needs. I customize your massage so each session will include several different modalities for the best result.
(832) 412-1528
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
Restorative Fitness and Nutrition, Nutritionist/Dietitian  in Sugar Land
“Whether you hope to lose weight, improve your general fitness, learn to eat for life stages, or create a healthier relationship with food, your eating habits mean the difference between failure and success. Through nutrition counseling and education, menu planning, and lifestyle adjustments, Denise will work with you to create a healthier way of life.
(281) 738-4393
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
Ashley Hurst, Nutritionist/Dietitian  in Sugar Land
Nutritionist/Dietitian, CPT
“Are you struggling with a chronic illness or auto-immune condition? Or are you feeling like you aren't getting the nourishment you should be from food an you aren't sure why? Are you dealing with digestive issues and you aren't sure why? Underlying inflammation, nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities can be triggers for anything from weight gain to serious digestive conditions. However, treating the root issue rather than symptoms alone is the key to long term health and relief.
(832) 786-2614
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
Feel Better With Yoga,   in Sugar Land
“As a Registered Nurse and Yoga Therapist, my passion lies in healing others. I believe that everyone, including the injured, the elderly, the sedentary, the inflexible, the chronically ill, the stressed, the anxious, and those uncomfortable in their own skin can do yoga because the foundation of yoga lies in the breath, and everyone breathes. Whatever your needs or limitations are, you will benefit, in part due to the physical movements, but in greater part due to the breath work and mindfulness that allow us to achieve relaxation and a calmer state of being. Everyone can feel better with yoga.
(713) 893-5102
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
Sugar Land Nutrition Therapy Center, Nutritionist/Dietitian  in Sugar Land
“A registered dietitian/nutritionist and board certified in Sports Dietetics, Patty Martin serves clients with a special emphasis on weight management for adults and adolescents, and other nutritional concerns, such as heart disease, diabetes, sports nutrition, pregnancy and PCOS. Patty strives to provide the highest level of professional services, with a unique emphasis on individualized attention to each and every client. Patty truly enjoys helping her clients, she supports their wishes, their nutrition concerns and goals. They both actively participate in establishing a plan to reach their goals.
(832) 543-3749
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
Sweetwater Acupuncture, Acupuncturist  in Sugar Land
“Health and wellness are within everyone's reach because each human body is unique and fully equipped to heal itself. I strive to heal the human being with a disease, not just the disease. I provide complete and compassionate care and am eager to work with anyone who is ready to make the commitment to heal. I treat a wide array of conditions including stress management, pain management, sleep disturbance, menstrual disorders, digestive issues, reproductive issues, fatigue, sports injury, and sciatic nerve pain. I utilize multiple treatment modalities to ensure that my clients obtain relief quickly.
(832) 789-1170
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
LIFEnhance Alternative Medicine Clinic Dr Zhang, Acupuncturist  in Sugar Land
“LIFEnhance Alternative Medicine Clinic specializes in cancer Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments. The clinical practice follows the guidelines for CAM stipulated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). As a result, LIFEnhance is committed to CAM care that is both safe and effective. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of cancer patients before, during and after their chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy treatments.
(713) 661-8822
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
Yaping Zhang, Acupuncturist  in Sugar Land
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Acupuncturist, PhD, LAc, MD(Chin, Gyn(Chi
“I received my medical degree in 1983 from Heilogjiang University of Chinese Medicine in China. I also received my Master degree and Ph.D. in Chinese medicine and gynecology from Same University. I trained in western medicine in Shanghai Medical University in China. I was a Professor and Medical Director of Department of Gynecology in Teaching Hospital and currently a Professor at ACAOM in Houston, Texas I have practiced medicine for over 30 years and produced more than 30 papers, books and publications. I have a vast background in both western and Chinese medicine with my compassion and concern for patients.
(281) 756-7965
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
Jessie Li, Acupuncturist  in Sugar Land
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Acupuncturist, OMD, LAc, DiplOM
“Dr. Jessie Li is MD of China, professor and licensed acupuncturist in Texas. 40+years experience of teaching and practicing acupuncture and herbs medicine. Painless, safe, effective, improving your health & vitality. Specialize in pain release, stress, infertility, addiction, paralysis, immunity disorder…
(713) 988-8849
Office is near:
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
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Acupuncturist, LAc, MS, MD, (China)
“Xin Wang LAc, is a licensed acupuncture practitioner.She has over 30 years of medical experience, in both Western and Oriental medicine,and for the last 10 years has run a successful clinic in Houston helping patients suffering from acute or chronic pain syndrome and ailments to regain normalcy. Xin Wang first received her medical degree(MD)in 1979 and for the next 15 years specialized in the fields of Internal medicine, Anesthesiology and pain management. She also taught as an associate professor in the intensive care unit(ICU)).Xin Wang received her master's degree in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine from the American College & Oriental Medicine and is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Her specialties include treating muscular in juries, Chronic pain syndrome such as arthritis and tendonitis,back pain and sciatica,Fibromyalgia and TMJ, Headache and migraines and so on,Infertility and irregular menstration,Insomnia and chronic fatigue will get help.Walk-ins and free consultation are available. Some insurance plans are accepted.
(281) 891-3936
Office is near:
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
Lori Earley, Acupuncturist  in Sugar Land
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Acupuncturist, LAc, MAOM, MS, DiplOM
“From my experience, ailments & illnesses often stem from a deeper component. As a board certified practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I spend time with each patient to determine one's underlying cause of disease or pain. I value open communication and encourage questions about health, nutrition, acupuncture, & Chinese Medicine. I diligently work with patients on an individual basis, appropriately modifying each treatment to address specific health concerns. One size does not fit all, so a unique treatment plan is developed, so that he/she may best achieve health & wellness in the most efficient & cost effective manner.
(281) 609-7691
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Sugar Land, Texas 77479
Professional Body Kneads, Massage Therapist  in Sugar Land
“"Experience the Difference that Experience Makes !!" I am an Integrative and Medical Massage Therapist with 20 yrs of experience. I consider myself to be a pain relief specialist. My client base recognizes the importance of massage in their overall health plan, and desires the best and most professional massage therapist to provide this service. In addition to the basic and advanced techiniques, I offer a specialized technique, PRRT, described below that is gaining worldwide attention as a rapid Pain Relief Technique. No disrobing required. I am also a Professional Reflexologist (hand / foot / ear). No disrobing required.
(832) 274-6414
Office is near:
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
Erika MacMillan, Acupuncturist  in Sugar Land
“My commitment to my patients is to help them achieve the level of wellness they are striving to meet so that they may fully enjoy life . I use acupuncture, oriental medicine and believe in educating my patients on appropriate lifestyle and nutritional suggestions to help them reach their goals. I am passionate about helping people find a renewed hope that comes from feeling better. I also seek to promote the use of integrated medicine where eastern and western practitioners work together to help treat patients.
(832) 303-8129
Office is near:
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
Noliko Utsuzawa, Massage Therapist  in Sugar Land
“As a Doula and Massage Therapist, I am passionate about physically and emotionally supporting families and children. I believe stress can be a source of all illnesses, and hope that my therapeutic bodywork would relieve any acute and chronic un-wellness. To be available for most people in need, I do home/hospital visits in greater Houston area. Wellness, is in your hands. I try hard to work with my clients to re/gain their own health by detailed consultation and individually customized therapeutic approach. Visit my website for details:
(505) 516-3405
Office is near:
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
Advanced Muscle Care PC, Massage Therapist  in Sugar Land
“.We offer comprehensive Medical Massage and Sports Massage therapy services which help bridge the gap between traditional physical therapy and orthopedic surgery. Advanced Muscle Care provides another option by offering a customized, therapeutic program which we develop based upon individual needs in conjunction with your doctor's assessment.
(281) 496-7246
Office is near:
Sugar Land, Texas 77479

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