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Brenda S Douglas, Massage Therapist  in Waltham
“Although trained in many modalities, Brenda specializes in Orthobionomy- a gentle style of massage that unwinds and lengthens short, tight, painful muscles and connective tissue. It gives you the effect of deep tissue massage without deep pressure or discomfort, leaving you feeling relaxed and comfortable.
(802) 433-4181
Waltham, Massachusetts 02451
Sophia C Kamveris, Nutritionist/Dietitian  in Waltham
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Nutritionist/Dietitian, MS, RD, LD
“I have been counseling individuals on healthy eating for over twenty years. My diverse work experience can attest to my extensive knowledge base of nutrition. I provide the support and reassurance needed to make seemingly overwhelming changes achievable. My expert guidance will help you to make the positive lifestyle changes you need to adopt a healthier living plan. My office is open Monday through Saturday with additional evening appointments, four days a week. It's a great opportunity to see a dietitian without having to take extra time off from work.
(617) 446-3254
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Waltham, Massachusetts 02451
Margaret Ryding, Acupuncturist  in Waltham
“"Five Element acupuncture is the foundation and backbone of my practice. This is an elegant and beautiful system of medicine that helps people heal and maintain balance at a deep level. Each person has an innate healing ability. By listening and gathering information about a person's life I can help to stimulate their own healing potential and guide them towards balance and health. I also encourage lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. In addition to Five Element acupuncture I incorporate Dr Tan's Balance Method and Zero Balancing, a type of bodywork, which balances body energy and structure through touch.
(781) 333-8954
Office is near:
Waltham, Massachusetts 02451
Mavor Chiropractic, Chiropractor  in Waltham
“Dr. Mavor is a dedicated professional who believes in helping patients empower themselves with respect to their own health status. His personal motto is, "It is better to thrive rather than just survive." His treatment goals are always centered on that basic tenet. His approach is very comprehensive and involves many aspects of his patients' environment including posture, sleep, diet and exercise. He often works closely and collaboratively with other medical professionals to ensure his patients receive the best and most comprehensive care for their needs.
(617) 500-1423
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Waltham, Massachusetts 02453
Jerry Kantor, Homeopath  in Waltham
Homeopath, LAc, CCH, RSHom, (NA)
“My specialty is identifying the underlying cause of a chronic problem, meaning its emotional basis, and addressing this by accurate selection of a constitutional homeopathic remedy. Following my initial consult clients often report that I know them better than any close friend or relative. I routinely treat: depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, eating disorders, hyperactivity, anxiety, fibromyalgia, asthma, sinusitis, chronic ear and other infections, fatigue, migraine headache, IBS, PTSD, GERD, eczema, allergies, urinary tract infection, dysmenorrhea, menopausal ailments, and infertility. I see infants, children, adults, and occasionally pets. I find treating multiple family members offers a bonus: improved family dynamics.
(781) 990-8949
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Waltham, Massachusetts 02453
Jennifer Jasmin, Nutritionist/Dietitian  in Waltham
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Nutritionist/Dietitian, RD, LDN
“Are you struggling to find the motivation you need to make changes to your current eating habits? Are you frustrated with "dieting?" Do you feel like you know what you need to do to reach your health goals but you're not sure why you can't get it done? I specialize in helping people set realistic health and wellness goals and reach them in a sustainable and lasting way. I understand that life sometimes hands you obstacles that can get in the way of your best intentions, and I want to help you get well in spite of them!
(617) 997-0153
Office is near:
Waltham, Massachusetts 02452
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