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OB-GYN Health Professionals in Baltimore, MD 21218
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Seeds Center for Whole Health, Acupuncturist  in Baltimore
“Sarah and Kim have a combination of over 16 years of practice experience. They love their work and enjoy meeting the many interesting people with unique goals who come into the practice for care. In our group practice patients will enjoy access to two skilled practitioners with varied trainings.
(410) 695-6973
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Baltimore, Maryland 21218
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Spa Central, Massage Therapist  in Baltimore
“Janine Fleming graduated from Baltimore Holistic Health Center in 1988. She is the director of Holistic Massage Training Institute as well as Spa Central and has studied many modalities including Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Lymph Drainage, Reflexology, and Pregnancy Massage. She enjoys customizing the massage to the needs of the client.
(410) 690-8045
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
David M Buscher, Acupuncturist  in Baltimore
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Acupuncturist, MAc, DiplAc, LAc
“I enjoy working with all sorts of people: men and women, adults and teenagers, straight and gay, people just starting to find their way in the world, overworked employees, busy executives, entrepreneurs, students, artists and creative people of all sorts. The common denominator is people who want to live, learn, grow, move to the next level of their lives - free of pains, illnesses, anxieties, stresses, and other symptoms. My patients have had success in overcoming body pains, backaches, headaches, insomnia, emotional issues, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, and addictions. They've learned how to live well so they need me less.
(443) 898-9786
Office is near:
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
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