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CCN Health Professionals in New Jersey (NJ)

"Many expectant mothers who are seeking a different type of birth experience--an alternative to the sometime impersonal world of large OB/Gyn groups-are turning to midwifery. At Avalon-A Center For Women's Health, we think it's important that women are listened to, given options in labor, and we support those options by being with the women during her entire labor process in the hospital. In addition to obstetetrical care, Avalon offers preconception care, diagnostic studies, nutritional counseling, family planning, well women gynecology, adolescent health issues, cancer screening, as well as a variety of classes."
Nutritionist/Dietitian, MS, RD, CDN
"Are you tired of dieting? Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy food but don't know how to go about it? I am here to help you navigate the path to a healthier living and to adopt healthier eating habits. Diets do not work but eating right, food portion control and physical activities do work. Do not wait any longer, give me a call, text or email, and let's start working on your health goals today"
"I specialize in treating a variety of conditions using the latest chiropractic techniques. I have had success treating conditions including low back pain, pinched nerves, headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain. In addition to your treatment I will provide you with helpful recommendations such as personalized exercises you can do at home. There is also a massage therapist available. My goal is to get you well as quickly as possible with the least amount of stress. My staff will work with your insurance company. I provide evening and Saturday hours for your convenience."
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Nutritionist/Dietitian, MS, ACN, CHC
"My clients easily achieve exciting, lasting change. You can have this experience too, with smart lifestyle guidance that I'll carefully tailor to fit your unique history, biochemistry, preferences, & goals. Are you ready to make healthy choices, but confused about options? Does some concern (like CVD, weight, IBS, insomnia, or stress) worry you? Do you want to look, feel, & do your best? My intense education, deep experience, & research based, informed, holistic approach helps my high profile clients thrive. Please see, my LinkedIn profile, & know that you can always confidentially speak with me about your concerns."
"In a medical world where patients all too often feel like bystanders in their own healing process, I cherish the one-on-one connection that I have with my patients. I'm David Karlovich, an acupuncturist with over twenty years experience helping patients just like you regain their health and wellness from a variety of ailments and painful conditions."
Nutritionist/Dietitian, MS, RD, CDN, CLT
"I create individualized, realistic, and sustainable diet and exercise plans to reach your health and fitness goals. Along the way, I will support you in a way to make you feel empowered to make the changes needed, and help you develop the behavior modification techniques to overcome your personal barriers."
Massage Therapist
"Hello! My name is Michelle and I have over ten years experience and still love my job! I have over a dozen modalities, some more common, like Swedish, Aromatherapy, and deep tissue, Others I am specialized in, like Prenatal and Senior citizens. Each massage is specific to your needs. I really listen to my clients and give them exactly what they want and need in each session. I've work side by side with chiropractors for 7 years now and have extensive medical knowledge. It's a great blend for massage, I even have a specialized post-adjustment treatment."
"Do You Want To Lose 10 Pounds Of Body Fat In Your First Week and 3 to 5 Pounds Each Week After That? ... Learn How People In New Jersey Are Losing Weight With A Scientifically Customized Program With No Hunger, No Cravings And No Return Weight Gain With This Weight Loss Program ... "I have lots of energy, feel great and lost 28 pounds and feel good about the way I look" -Nicky Swartz, Bergen County NJ .... "I learned so much about diet, nutrition and lost 18 pounds with the help of The Weight Loss Specialists" -Kelly M."
"We provide a multi-disciplinary approach towards diagnosing and treating everyday aches and pains, sports injuries, post-operative care, and musculoskeletal conditions. If you have been experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, or know someone who has been suffering with pain, please call us for a consultation today. Conditions that have been successfully treated in our office: -Disc Herniations -Sciatica -Muscle Spasms -Tendonitis -Neck and Lowback pain -Shoulder and Elbow pain -Leg, Knee, and Ankle pain -Pinched nerves and numbness -Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -Rotator Cuff Syndrome -Arthritis and Osteoporosis -Heachaches and Migranes -Post-Operative Surgical Physical Therapy -Fibromyalgia"
"Helping, healing and restoring function. No one wants to live with back or neck pain. I take each patients problem as unique and individualize a set treatment protocol for his/her pain. We can all live happy healthier lives."
Nutritionist/Dietitian, MS, RD
"Would you like to have more energy, lose weight AND improve your health? Confused and overwhelmed about where to start? Start thinking of food as medicine for your body and mind. Fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains are plant-based foods that help the body heal and lose weight. Forget diets, miracle vitamins and food fads. They do not work and never have. It is time for a nutrition program that actually works."
"Yael Shapiro is known for her professional care as well as her compassion and kindness. Yael takes her time to thoroughly asses each patient to have a better understanding of the body and conditions presented. The visit to the clinic is a relaxing experience by itself. Yael combines Traditional Chinese Acupuncture with other modalities like herbs, nutrition, electro-stimulation, and the practice of yoga poses. You will get a personal attention without long waits. call now: 201- 8732397."
"I am a Traditional Naturopathic doctor. As opposed to a Medical doctor, I teach my clients how to apply natural lifestyle approaches to facilitate the body's innate ability to heal itself. While medication has its important role in healing, my own approach is to teach my clients to recognize that certain unhealthy lifestyle choices cumulatively result in various diseases. I do not treat symptoms but the conditions that result in the imbalance. Such imbalances could result in digestive problems, circulatory, hormonal, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and many others. I use natural remedies to activate the body's natural healing power."
Nutritionist/Dietitian, DC, MS, Nutr
"Dr. Tricia Talerico holds a Masters' Degree in Clinical Nutrition and uses her 28 years experience as a healthcare practitioner to understand the unique needs of each of her patients and clients. At the Nutrition and Weight Loss Center of Ocean, "Dr. Trish" understands that the "cookie cutter" approach to individuals with complicated histories and stubborn weight loss just does not work. She uses body composition analysis and other nutritional assessment tools to custom-tailor a program that works with a person's hectic lifestyle and individual needs."
"Today modern science has begun to appreciate and understand the physiological basis of acupuncture. Although, there are many modalities of acupuncture, S.J.S. Acupuncture Clinic which was founded by my late wife, Su-Jung Shiuey C.A. focuses on Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. We have visited China frequently for study trip to get updates and results of new research is this field so that our patients can have the most effective treatments. I am a diplomate of NCCAOM both in Acupuncture and Chinese herbology. The treatments are by disposable needles only."
"Wellness Managements, Inc. is a medical practice with services offered to individual patients, healthcare and legal systems. We have combined more than 30 years of pharmaceutical industry and 45 years of academic and medical expert experience. Our areas of expertise lie in Central Nervous System, Neurology, Psychiatry, Pain Management and Alternative Therapies including Traditional Chinese Medicine. Wellness Managements, Inc. also offers individual consultation on brain, body/mind issues. Our clients range from toddlers to seniors. We provide neuropsychiatric assessment, disability or forensic evaluations, and neuoropsychological assessment including memory evaluation. Although we are based in the NYC metro area, we serve our patients worldwide."
"I'm a graduate of the Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York city, one of the oldest and most respected acupuncture colleges in the United States. I'm currently a licensed acupuncturist in New Jersey and Florida where I've attained the designation of Acupuncture Physician."
Nutritionist/Dietitian, MSc, MS, RD, CLT
"I believe Wellness is rather a tame word for Radiant Health. No matter where you are, the grandest transformation happens at the threshold of delight and discovery, on your terms, when you are the Architect of Your Own Vitality. Because it is Freedom, Healing & Adventure. I bring unravelling Science, Indigenous Wisdom & Culinary Imagination to your plate. We call it your "Healing portfolio of Food & Rituals." Whether you are masterful in the kitchen or in a no cook zone, foods you love will become Medicine. I am a Nutritional Biochemist who collects "healing foods" & "healing traditions" around world."
"In my practice I believe in working with patients to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will best help them meet their health goals. I do not believe that treatment should be an endless process; my goal is to always provide a high-quality course of treatment to resolve the issue and get patients back on the path to health."
"I'm Judith Gabrielle Rabner MS RD Nutritionist "You have changed my life", I hear from my clients time and time again. I care about my clients and we work together to reach their goals. My goals as a RDN provider are to make my clients feel better, look better, and have a better quality of life, as I help them resolve their concerns. My clients describe me for this written piece as: "Available, Flexible, Caring, Dedicated, Thorough". In addition to clinical excellence, I have continued to learn the many critical roles that nutrition and food play in all of our lives."