Cofinity Health Professionals in Colorado (CO)

"Our focus at Medical Massage of the Rockies, LLC is people suffering with acute and chronic pain conditions. We have multiple clinics through out the state of Colorado. Our first clinic opened in Fort Collins back in 2001 under the name Helping Hand Injury Recovery Center, specializing in auto accident and workers' comp patients. We have therapists across the state specializing in multiple pre - post injury treatments of medical massage. If you are looking for a therapist that will focus on deep tissue massage and pain relief, you have found the best team in Medical Massage of the Rockies."
"Sometimes conventional medicine fails to bring lasting relief. My own personal journey through chronic pain lead me to Oriental Medicine. It is a comprehensive medical system proven effective for pain, digestive issues, chronic conditions, auto-immune disorders, women's issues, and mental health. I am committed to helping people find the least intrusive therapies to facilitate a cure. I work cooperatively with your physicians and other health care providers. We use laboratory testing to help identify underlying causes for pain and chronic illness, then choose both ancient and modern therapies best suited for the individual."
"Dr. Koehn graduated from Parker Chiropractic College and uses many adjusting techniques including Manual adjusting, Thompson table assisted technique, and the gentle Activator technique. Dr. Koehn runs a "wellness" practice, which means she uses monthly preventative visits instead of lengthy and costly treatment plans. Dr. Koehn also uses many extras to help your adjustment last longer - including nutrition, the Detoxification Foot bath, exercises, and cold laser."
"At our clinic we treat many health issues. Some common aliments include: back pain neck pain digestive disorders headaches asthma allergies headaches smoking cessation Call today to find out if Acupuncture could help you."
"We specialize in the treatment of women's health conditions, ranging from menstrual disorders, pelvic disorders, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. As part of the clinic's holistic model, general health concerns are also addressed, including stress, insomnia, psychological issues, digestive conditions, allergies, skin disorders, autoimmune disorders, respiratory conditions, and acute/chronic pain. We incorporate the use of customized herbal formulas when necessary, preparing your herbs in our extensive in-house raw herb pharmacy. Together, acupuncture and custom Chinese herbs provide the greatest efficacy and opportunity for healing."
"I've been in Practice for 20+ years, we have a Wellness, Chiropractic and Nutritional practice. Visit my web site at We treat and provide info on a wide variety of health problems including Auto Accidents injuries. Web site is"
"Dr. Field's passion for Chiropractic is shown through her treatment of her patients and how much she cares for each one individually. You are not a number in her office! Treating children is a blessing to her because she knows the importance of keeping the spine in line as they grow to decrease the chance of scoliosis or other ailments. Her goal is to treat all ages and become the family chiropractor. You are never too young or too old to see a chiropractor!"
Chiropractor, DC, CCSP
"Dr. Paul Burns is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician located in the Orchard Falls Building, 1 block west of I-25 on Orchard Road in the Denver Tech Center. The clinic is a multidisciplinary facility specializing in the treatment of spinal, sports, work, and auto injuries. Through the years we have treated thousands of patients with back, neck and extremity injuries. We incorporate the best in evidence-based chiropractic medicine with spinal rehabilitation, pain management, massage and physiotherapy. We have an extensive network of medical specialists on hand if your particular condition requires referral."
Chiropractor, BA, DC, FIAMA
"I combine chiropractic, acupuncture and Asian medical principles, herbology, homeopathy, nutrition, exercise and stretching, and old fashioned good common sense to improve your entire health picture. I am an advisor, coach, healing expert, and friend to help you get back to your active life. That's why I call the clinic, 'Active Life.""
"I work to restore balance in the body through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes acupuncture, herbs, tuina, cupping, moxa, and guisha. I also use nutritional and lifestyle education to achieve the best results for my patients. I focus on what the root imbalance in the body, not just the symptoms, so that the patient can achieve optimal results and health."
"We treat patients the way we would like to be treated."
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"I specialize in Digestive Disorders such as IBS, IBD, SIBO, Gas/bloating, diarrhea/constipation, candida, bacterial overgrowth, parasites, food intolerance, heart burn, swallowing disorders etc. Because digestion is the foundation of health, I've found that treating the GI can also significantly improve ADHD and treat Autoimmune diseases, Peridontal/cardiovascular disease as well as Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia. I use a variety of methods including nutrition, lifestyle changes detoxification, herbs, homeopathy and nutriceuticals."
"I help women, especially Entrepreneurial Business Women and Working Moms, improve their health, feel better, and look younger through Comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cosmetic Rejuvenation Acupuncture."
"DaYong Hou graduated from Hei Long Jiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Harbin, China in 1989. Prior to and after completion of this program, Dr. Hou further developed his expertise by training with his father, Dr. LuSheng Hou, a well-known western and eastern doctor and leader of Acheng hospital. DaYong Hou specialized in both individualized treatment and in diagnosis in Herbs, Acupuncture, Tui Na(Chinese medical massage), Cupping, Moxa, Gua Sha, Electric needles, and traditional rehabilitation exercise.He is presently an instructor and a supervisor at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine."
"For over 14 years I have been sleuthing out the source of illness for patients, finding the obstacles to their healing and helping them become vital again. I enjoy complex cases regarding endocrine dysregulation, multi-layered presentations involving fatigue, hormone imbalances and toxicity. I love to watch natural medicine and an alternative approach help patients who have fallen through the cracks of the conventional system. I use hormone testing, adrenal testing, stool analysis, nutrient analysis, toxicity testing such as phtlates (plastics) and heavy metals, and more."
"We want to get rid of your PAIN. Neck pain ,back pain, headaches, arms, legs, sinuses, chest , abdominal and others. Call and we can talk about your specific problem.The human body gets hurt by physical, chemical and emotional strains in our life. Pain can be new or chronic but we try to get you relief as soon as possible. We use chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, heat, cold and soft tissue therapies. Exercises, stretches, nutritional and detox therapies are used. Call or email my office and we can talk. We want you out of pain and live your life."
Nutritionist/Dietitian, MS, NC
"Leti Fanning is a board certified holistic nutrition consultant with a Master of Science degree from Hawthorn University. She has been providing personalized nutrition consulting services for several years and has experience with many conditions. Leti uses her experience as a systems analyst to identify nutritional deficiencies for the purpose of balancing and restoring the body's innate healing capabilities. She uses a combination of tools including food diary, nutritional analysis, body systems questionnaire, body composition analysis, supplements and functional lab tests. Her philosophy is that whole foods provide the best nutrition which supports the body's ability to heal and stay healthy."
Nutritionist/Dietitian, RD, CLT
"Laura is owner and nutrition therapist of Restorative Nutrition. She is a Registered Dietitian, personal trainer, and L.E.A.P therapist. As a health advocate and Christian, her goal is to create an environment within the body that promotes health and healing by addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual barriers. The body is complex, so it is imperative to identify obstacles, set goals, and implement a plan of action that will help you achieve those goals."
"I take a great interest in treating the underlying cause of health problems. My specialty is preventive cardiology. I have sub specialties in IV therapy, sports medicine and environmental medicine. I have good success with fatigue, reversing heart disease and balancing hormones. NatureMed is: Complimentary and alternative medicine, integrative medicine, anti-aging medicine, wellness, and preventive medicine which emphasizes the body's ability to heal and maintain itself by treating the cause of symptoms. We use a "science-based" approach to alternative and naturopathic medicine. Specifically, we use treatments that are backed by studies and shown to work."
"My primary focus is on family health. I love helping both adults and children with allergies, digestive disorders, fatigue, chronic illness and much more. My philosophy centers on finding and eliminating the cause(s) of disease and addressing each patient as a whole, unique being. I believe that a nutritious diet, clean water, fresh air, movement and joy provide the foundation for excellent health. I choose natural therapies such as homeopathy, herbs, vitamins, minerals, hydrotherapy, prayer and meditation to help patients regain their body's healthy balance."