Health Professionals in San Diego

"Board certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, Allison's passion for healing dates back to the experiences she endured after suffering a devastating injury. She struggled along this path until she realized that she could turn her health crisis into an opportunity. She began to view her painful experiences as a chance to understand the healing process on a deeper level and to relate to others on their healing path. Allison believes that wellness is one's greatest gift. She uses this understanding to connect to her patients throughout their healing process."
San Diego, California 92108
(858) 223-1905
"I am a primary care doctor that specializes in natural treatments. I can prescribe medications, but that is mostly used as a last resort. As a naturopathic doctor, we treat the cause of the problems. We would work with the patient very closely to achieve the best results for them whether it be just for a wellness check or to treat a health concern. I care about the patient and getting them to feel the best they can. I look at nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, exercise, medication and stress and work with the patient to ensure their life is in balance."
San Diego, California 92128
(858) 217-5768
Acupuncturist, LAc, DiplOM, MS, AS, HHP
"Desiree Sterling received her Master's of Science from Pacific College of Oriental medicine (PCOM) in San Diego in 2005. She graduated from the Norwegian College of Acupuncture in 2002 and has also had formal training in Physical Therapy from Oslo, Norway. She has treated collegiate athletes at the RIMAC sports facility at UCSD in San Diego. Some of her training includes functional endocrinology, functional blood chemistry, and neuro-endocrine-immune problems. She provides treatments for endocrine and hormonal disorders related to infertility, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, decreased immunity, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, diabetes, thyroid and adrenal issues and cardiovascular conditions."
San Diego, California 92110
(619) 632-4185
"Is your sciatica, low back pain or disc herniation making you feel hopeless? Are you awake at night wondering when the pain will leave? There is new breakthrough treatment for sciatica and low back pain. You may qualify for a FREE consult and exam in our office. This will help us to determine if this breakthrough treatment for sciatica could help you! To qualify for this FREE Exam go to my e-mail above and or call (858)578-4400 and leave your name and address and we'll send you your Qualification Packet today!"
San Diego, California 92121
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"I began my career in massage working for a chiropractor and that is where I found that I could help people utilizing deep tissue massage and many other modalities of massage. It has become a personal challenge to help the patients recover from an injury so that they could maintain a stable life without being in constant/acute pain. Throughout the years of practice/education I have developed a healing massage that not only heals the physical pain but releases the emotional pain as well."
San Diego, California 92111
(619) 870-0104
Massage Therapist, RN, MST
"For over 13 years in La Jolla, Angela's Theraputic Massage has enhanced the general health, alleviated problem conditions, supported fitness programs, combated the negative effects of aging and relieved the effects of stress of her clients. Angela Brengle is a graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage, the most highly respected massage training institute in the United States, and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Prior to massage therapy, Ms. Brengle worked for seven years as a registered nurse specializing in oncology where her hands-on approach and compassion decreased patient pain during treatment and enhanced recovery."
San Diego, California 92121
(858) 367-3905
"My goal is to help my clients live a Healther Lifestyle with Customized Massage Therapy session. Having over 16 years experience I help clients stay active, have less pain, less stress and sleep better. I work with a wide range of clients from triathletes to geriatrics."
San Diego, California 92123
(619) 550-4759
""My medical philosophy is grounded in the commitment that personalized medicine brings the best results: well thought out,scientific,safe and effective. To optimize care treatment plans are determined through your unique medical history and cutting edge diagnostics. Programs are designed with the best natural medicines in biomedical research evidence. Focus is also on creating a restorative process through classical homeopathy, nutrition, hydrotherapy and lifestyle modifications. I treat a variety of medical concerns. My practice encompasses a wide scope including family medicine, anti-aging, holistic hormonal management and pain management. For more information visit or call (949)-444-4884"
San Diego, California 92123
(949) 200-6791
Massage Therapist, HHP, CMT, CLT
"Through my holistic health care practice I have come to understand and began to really see that as healing happens on one level, it happens on all levels. Through Lymphedema Therapy, Lymphatic Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Massage, Reiki, Acupressure and Spiritual Counseling, I Sense with my hands, my Heart and my Vision what areas of the body, mind and spirit are out of balance. My clients receive the highest quality of care and the assurance of my understanding of the whole person. "My work is to help facilitate the restoration of health at the level of Spirit, mind and body.""
San Diego, California 92127
(619) 308-6127
"Dr Bob Johnson is a Mira Mesa Chiropractor in practice since 1986. Located just off the 15 freeway. We treat people injured in San Diego car accidents and work injuries. We are successful in treating neck pain, back pain, headaches, sports injuries with chiropractic manipulative therapy, muscle work, physiotherapy modalities such as electrical stim. Massage therapists available by appointment"
San Diego, California 92126
(858) 386-4252
"My ideal client is someone who is active, motivated, and eager to get back to 100%. I have an extensive background in the treatment of orthopedic disorders, sports-related injuries, and work-stress that manifests as chronic tension and postural misalignment. I spent 2 years training at a Sports Medicine Acupuncture clinic; I worked at UCSD's RIMAC center for student athletes; I've treated triathletes, Iron Man and Ultra Man competitors, Marathoners, and Olympic-level Athletes. I also have experience treating the elderly, autoimmune disorders, gynecological/women's health, and many others."
San Diego, California 92121
(858) 810-6375
"My goals of treatment are to use acupuncture techniques and massage to alleviate pain, promote relaxation, facilitate healing, and achieve balance; and to provide nutritional and herbal recommendations that will strengthen the body and alleviate symptoms of discomfort. By assisting patients in setting and achieving personal goals that promote a healthy lifestyle, and providing education directed towards those goals, I will be able to support you in your quest for health."
San Diego, California 92116
(619) 888-8862
"Dr. Gelman is the Founder and Medical Director of Nourish where she and her team offer a wide array of tools and programs for attaining a balanced life. Dr. Gelman has been on a quest to understand optimal health and has come to believe that when the basic building blocks of health are in balance, optimal health is achieved. But how can we find balance in our fast paced modern day world? Fascinated by this question, Dr. Gelman has committed herself to a life of research and practice."
San Diego, California 92108
(619) 831-8873
"At re.kin.ect Therapeutic Solutions, our treatment protocol accounts for the many different aspects of your life. We look at the root cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. By treating the source, we aim to reduce or eliminate your pain, without the side effects of using pain-relieving drugs or anti-inflammatories. We also can help you to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. We encourage all of our clients to use massage as a preventative therapy. Preventing pain is much easier than trying to eliminate it after it has become an established pattern in the body."
San Diego, California 92121
(619) 373-1721
Acupuncturist, LAc, DAOM, MBA, DiplAc
"I am a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with extensive experience in both treatment and teaching. I have treated over 3000 patients in my private practice along with serving as a physician in the Integrative Medicine Department at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). I am currently focused on my main passion of providing hands-on therapeutic treatments and I am accepting new patients at my relaxing office at the Pacific Center of Health in Mission Valley. I accepts many types of insurance coverage and can work with you to create a safe, effective, affordable treatment plan."
San Diego, California 92108
(619) 345-5505
"I have over 40 years extensive clinical experienced .ln China has Acupuncturist, RN and MD licenses. I'm Proficient in Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine extensive education and Clinical training . I'm Specialization: 1) relief PAIN ( for Auto Accident; Injury; Sport Injury . 2) STROKE rehabilitation; My scalp acupuncture with electrical treatment for stroke is Kind of unique and effective. 3) Obstetrics/Gynecology/Infertility. Please Email : Call (619) 621-1272 For an appointment."
San Diego, California 92111
(619) 621-1272
"San Diego Chiropractic is an integrated Medical and Chiropractic Practice also offering acpuncture, massage, and stretch therapy. We have an MD on staff who is a pain and physical medicine specialist. Our office has digital xray, a variety of chiropractic tables and techniques and is centrally located near several freeways in Clairemont. We offer late evening appointments, Saturday hours, and accept most HMO, PPO, Medicare, Tri-Care, Attorney liens and VA referrals. We have very affordable cash rates for all services."
San Diego, California 92117
(858) 519-5320
Massage Therapist, HHP, NCBTMB
"I have been in practice now for 18 years and have continued to focus on the Body/Mind connection. I believe bodywork goes beyond attending to muscles; it also promotes realignment with the Universal energy force. My intention is to create the conditions for this realignment so that each individual has the opportunity to reach his/her ultimate potential."
San Diego, California 92103
(619) 677-1948
Homeopath, CCH
"Twenty years ago during a terrible migraine I was lying on the couch unable to function, I overheard my son on the phone: "Grama will you come over and play with me? Mom is boring all she does is lie around" I was finally motivated to do something about my Migraines. It was so unusual to speak to someone in such detail about how my headaches were and 1 week later I had a remedy that over the next few months stopped my migraines completely. I was hooked and became certified in classical homeopathy."
San Diego, California 92117
(858) 771-0359
"Naturopathic Medicine is a holistic specialty care approach to health and wellness that focuses on the interconnectedness of the body, rather than disease itself. The goal is to find out the causes of illness, and how different systems in the body affect each other. Natural therapies are used to support the body embark on it's own healing process. The bedrock of Naturopathy is the health and well being of the individual. Naturopathic Doctors choose the most appropriate type of therapy or combination of therapies to use for each patient."
San Diego, California 92109
(858) 914-1343