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Massage Therapist, BS, LMT, ART
"Howdy- Thanks for your interest in Active Release Techniques (ART) and Sports Massage. Treating athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels since 1999. From Olympians in Track and Field, triathletes and marathoners to the avid "gym rat" and "weekend warriors". Thousands of hours searching the human body and finding those tight spots and myofascial connections related to the problem. I've had great success releasing the soft tissue and getting active people back out there within just a few treatments. After the treatment, I will show you exercises to help maintain your improved condition."
San Antonio, Texas 78209
(210) 255-2410
"Mr. Chuang has a unique medical training background in both Eastern and Western medical disciplines. His traditional oriental medicine approach uses trigger points and medical therapy for pain management. Trigger point therapy is used to determine ways to restore health and well-being for your specific symptoms naturally. Patients are known not have side effects and the treatments are designed to provide professional, gentle, and effective pain relief."
San Antonio, Texas 78255
(210) 392-8828
"For all your health concerns, experience the benefits of acupuncture at this unique clinic featuring a holistic blend of ancient wisdom and modern therapies. Lisa Schlegel, founder of the clinic, is a Texas licensed acupuncturist, has completed graduate training in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and is nationally board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Every client of Acupuncture & Natural Healing Therapies receives the highest level of acupuncture and herbal medical care available."
San Antonio, Texas 78257
(210) 204-2305
"Hello, My name is Kimblyn Gilyard founder of Gilyard Medical Massage. I am a registered nurse, certified medical massage practitioner, certified lymphedema therapist, and oncology massage specialist. I am certified and have 20+ years of experience in manual lymphatic drainage. This clinic was established to treat pain related to orthopedic conditions, sports injuries, burns, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, complex regional pain syndrome, arthritis, cancer, scars, migraines, tmj, back pain, shoulder issues, foot pain, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain. I have extensive knowledge and experience in the support of several pediatric and adult mental conditions using an integrative approach to complement your existing mental health program."
San Antonio, Texas 78216
(210) 861-7828
"Welcome to Sports Massage Treatment Center, where we pay attention to you individually and develop a plan to help mend ailments in the muscles and movements of your body Nic and his team of Specialists are here to provide a variety of care for athletes, rehabilitation from injury, sports performance enhancement and stress reduction. Open 6 days a week! Must book with a provider who performs the service, including Gift Certificates and any Vouchers, otherwise payment required You deserve to be mobile, on the path to recovery, or just stress free and relaxed! We do treatments for Sports Performance Enhancement Accelerated Injury Recovery"
San Antonio, Texas 78209
(210) 960-8261
"I am trained in a variety of modalities including Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Massage Therapy, Reiki, Cupping and Reflexology. I have certification in LomiLomi, Sports, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Hot Stone Massage. I have experience working with all types of clients, from those suffering from an injury or muscle pain to clients looking for a relaxing and stress-reducing massage."
San Antonio, Texas 78216
(210) 585-4010 x2
"AcuCare Solutions provides holistic and preventative medicine. Dr. Gulyas is a third generation TCM doctor from her family in Taiwan. Dr. Gulyas is a licensed Acupuncturist in Texas. Dr. Gulyas would like to offer her expertise to help people to enjoy a "Better Health for a Better Life"!!"
San Antonio, Texas 78232
(210) 545-0000
"As a naturopathic doctor, registered nurse, and clinical nutritionist, I apply my experience in both alternative and conventional medicine to bring about optimal outcomes for my clients, addressing the root cause of symptoms rather than masking and suppressing symptoms with drugs and procedures. Most of my clients have unresolved health concerns, and have been to many doctors with only bottles and bottles of prescription drugs to show for their time and money. I use my experience and education as well as cutting edge and specialized testing to discover and resolve the underlying cause of my clients health concerns."
San Antonio, Texas 78230
(210) 255-2279
"Hello-- I am a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist practicing in San Antonio. My approach is to address the acute issues while working to resolve any underlying causes and move toward optimum health. I use a variety of acupuncture styles- traditional Chinese acupuncture, 5-element, Richard Tan's balance method, Koryo(Korean hand therapy), and Auricular therapy in addition to Chinese herbs and techniques to use at home to get the best possible results for the patient. When acute and chronic issues are adequately dealt with, enhanced long term health and well being are the reward."
San Antonio, Texas 78229
(210) 255-2435
Acupuncturist, LAc, DiplOM, MAOM
"I enjoy treating patients who are passionate about life. Those that are ready to improve their health but need a helping hand to achieve their goals. Issues such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain, stress, stroke recovery, fertility issues, autism and ASD, fibromyalgia and allergies are my passion; these conditions can have a devastating effect on quality of life, and because they respond very well to treatment, I feel that no one should have to suffer through them without help."
San Antonio, Texas 78209
(210) 598-7687
"Want to make lasting changes to your eating habits? Lose weight? Reduce your cravings for sugar and other unhealthy foods? Alleviate digestive disorders? The Fit Therapy of Texas customized nutrition and lifestyle program, plus one-on-one counseling and guidance can help transform you from feeling overweight and unhealthy into feeling fit and in full control of your weight and health."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 960-8056
Acupuncturist, LAc, DiplOM, MAOM
"My ideal client is interested in his/her health. I treat allergies, chronic pain, stress, addiction, and facial rejuvenation. I have 2 locations to serve you, Austin and San Antonio. Please call 512.924.4674 to schedule your appointment today!"
San Antonio, Texas 78209
(512) 402-6569
"My major concern is treating treating the chronically ill patient who have tried traditional methods with no success. Having treated thousands of patients over the last 30 years I believe my success rate to be unmatched. With a variety of Alternative Health solutions the answer to one's heath issues can usually be found."
San Antonio, Texas 78232
(210) 876-2145
"The purpose of this clinic is to help as many people as possible in their quest for optimum health and to educate them about the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine so they may, in turn, educate others!"
San Antonio, Texas 78209
(210) 762-4604
"I feel honored to be named one of the top San Antonio dentist the last 5 years. I certainly do try to provide the best care for every patient. I loving building beautifying smiles and helping you improve your overall appearance, as well as making you feel comfortable and restoring the functionality of your smile. My experienced and friendly staff takes great pride in keeping your smile beautiful and functioning its best. I enjoy working on all age groups from little 1 year olds to the elderly. Please call me to be a part of our dental family."
San Antonio, Texas 78232
(210) 417-4684
"As a Integrated Muscle Therapist, I use cutting edge manual therapy protocols that focus on the total body to eliminate pain, sport injuries, and enhance athletic performance. My system of motion analysis assessments, special orthopedic testing, integrated modality muscle therapies, along with precise client self care facilitate myoskeletal alignment and enhances athletic performance. I provide my clients with competent and professional manual muscle therapies that addresses each client's specific needs. I perform services for which I am highly qualified and able to do, and refer my clients to the appropriate specialists when needed."
San Antonio, Texas 78257
(210) 801-9565
"Naturopathic medicine has been described as a method of treating human ailments that recognizes that all healing is dependent upon the curative force within the body. It attempts to find the underlying cause of disease, remove the cause, and assist nature's constant effort toward health. The amazing thing about the human body is its continually striving for health."
San Antonio, Texas 78217
(210) 585-2497
"I see children as well as adults, and would love to see your entire family from the age of 1 on up. Our patients are the heart of our practice and the reason we are here."
San Antonio, Texas 78232
(210) 417-4791
Nutritionist/Dietitian, RD, CSSD, LD
"It is my mission to help my clients lead life to the fullest by teaching them how to eat intuitively, to instill a no fad diet way of life and create symmetry between work, exercise, family and food. I see clients for a variety of reasons, but specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, sports nutrition and general wellness. I am a board Certified Specialist in Sport Dietetics (CSSD)."
San Antonio, Texas 78209
(210) 529-7487
"Chronic Pain is perhaps one of the most debilitating of conditions, and as it progresses besides being demoralizing, it negatively affects every aspect of a person's life. In my practice I have found that acupuncture, besides giving the patient an alternative treatment modality, it also provides the individual with a sense of empowerment and control over their life. To help my patients break the vicious cycle of pain, I specialize in acupuncture micro-systems. They have been the subject of renewed interest in the research community due to their effectiveness in the treatment of chronic pain."
San Antonio, Texas 78250
(210) 625-7649